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Machine Operator Courses (in English)

Complete course where you will learn everything needed to work as a machine operator.

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General information about this course

About this Machine Operator Course

With the help from Granlund Kompetansesenter AS, you can become a fully certified construction machine operator.

We offer training in all classes and machine types (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M20) and all the four compulsory training modules. I.e a complete and certified machine operator education.

The theoretical part are offered either as a classroom course or as an online webinar (online tuition apply to theoretical modules only).

Modul 1 and 2.1 are the theoretical modules. Modules 3.1 and 4.1 are practical modules.

You will go through the practical modules at our practice course area at Dal near Gardermoen Airport (see map).  All theoretical and practical modules must be completed before you can take the final exam.

Modules 1, 2 and 3 must be completed at the same school/training company. A completed module 1 is normally valid for three years. Quantity practice training (module 4) can be completed at a company or with us. The training ends with a driving test, which can be arranged and carried out with us.

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Who needs this course?

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This course is suited for

  • Persons who wish to become a fully certified machine operator
  • Farmers or agricultural workers, when documentation re:completed and certified training is required by law
  • Anyone required to present relevant and valid documentation on the ability to drive a doser, excavator, grader, wheel loader, dump truck, or any machines in the M20 category

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Price for a complete course:

  • Machine Operator Course, one class (excavator, wheel loader or dump truck), including theoretical course as a classroom course: NOK 16 500,-

Machine Operator, theory:

  • Module 1 and 2.1 online: NOK 5 900,-
  • Module 1 and 2.1 in a classroom: NOK 6 500,-

Machine Operator, practical part, module 3.1:

  • 1 machine class: NOK 2 000,-
  • 2 machine classes: NOK 3 500,-
  • 3 machine classes: NOK 5 000,-

Machine Operator, practical part, module 4.1:

  • 1 machine class: NOK 10 000,-
  • 2 machine classes: NOK 18 000,-
  • 3 machine classes: NOK 23 000,-

Other prices:

  • Driving test for one (1) machine class: NOK 1 500,- Machine class 2 and 3 (after completing the test for one machine class): NOK 1 000,-/machine
  • Issuing of certificate for completed education: NOK 600,-

What is included in the course?

  • All course materials
  • Lunch (classroom courses only)

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More info

Useful information about this course

How to complete the courses

  • Module 1,2 and 3 must be completed at the same school/ training company
  • Have you already completed module 1? The module will then be valid for three years after completion (must be documented)

Practical information: The Classroom Theory Course

  • Classroom courses are arranged at various locations. See the course overview for a list of locations

Practical information: Practice Course Module 3.1

  • Where: at our practice course area at Dal
  • Time/duration: 8 hours
  • Admission requirement: You must have completed and passed modules 1 and 2.1

Weekly schedule for module 3.1:

  • Monday: Excavator
  • Tuesday: Wheel loader
  • Wednesday: Dumper
  • Thursday: Driving test
  • Friday: Driving test
Other machine classes on request. Remember to call in advance to arrange a time for the driving test. Tel: +47 411 16 000 or +47 913 78 645.

Practical information:  Practice Course Module 4.1

  • Where: at our practice course area at Dal
  • Time/duration: 40 hours (includes repeating module 3.1 (8 hours) and practical training in the operation of the machine(s) – (32 hours)
  • Admission requirement: You must have completed and passed modules 1 and 2.1
  • Content of course: repetition of module 3.1, practical training in the use of the machine(s), driving test and issuing of Certificate of Competence upon having passed examination (driving test)

Machine practice can be carried out with a company through a sponsorship scheme. After a minimum of 40 hrs of practice, you can take the driving test for the machine type you trained in. Separate driving tests are required for every machine class.

Why choose Granlund Kompetansesenter?

Good reasons to choose us as your course provider

Certified courses with experienced instructors

All our instructors have considerable experience from the construction industry. They are highly competent in their subject areas – and they know how to teach.

All our courses are approved and autorised by the relevant Norwegian authorities. We are also certified as a training and control company by Kiwa As. Our credentials are in order!

We are flexible. You can choose between classroom courses, online courses, and courses arranged by us in or at your company. Choose whatever suits you best.

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